Hail, Mary: A Message from Heaven


The film is a visual prayer, taking the viewer on pilgrimages to holy sites throughout the world, and immersing them in a spiritual catechesis which is both subtle, yet powerful. The Virgin Mary's messages, sacred images and music beckons humanity to convert, return to God, and to fight against the evils of our present world, especially that of abortion. [ read more ]


Listen My Children: The Fatima Message


Listen, My Children: The Fatima Message presents blatant acts of rebellion and offenses against God, the Catholic Church, and Our Blessed Mother, and reminds us that miracles can happen through the intercession of the Virgin Mary. [ read more ]

Home Sweet Home: Living in the Heart of Mary


A 1/2 hour series aimed at helping families learn about and live a more holy life through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother in Heaven. This novel program portrays a real, American family living out their Catholic faith through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. [ read more ]